Most people thought I was crazy when I moved to Los Angeles from Austin, TX.


At Eric Garcetti’s swearing in party at Grand Park

Yeah, yeah, yeah – Austin is booming right now… blah, blah, blah. And it escaped relatively unscathed during the Great Recession. Its all true. In fact, I was so confident living in Austin that in 2010, I quit my job to go to grad school.  During all that, tough times in California fed the trend of people moving FROM Los Angeles TO Austin… not the other way around. But to me, that’s what made Austin boring.

What intrigues me about LA are the opportunities here to rebuild the economy and create new business models along they way. And that’s why I was super excited when Eric Garcetti was elected mayor! He’s been an advocate for tech and sees how leveraging technology will be critical in LA’s recovery.

I just came back from his swearing in Grand Park where promises to give Silcon Valley a run for it bitcoin (I was one of the few nerds in the crowd who laughed and cheered at that one) and the slogan, “Keep Calm and Empower LA” was everywhere. As a veteran LA City Council member, Garcetti reinvigorated his district and I look forward to what he has in store for the city as a whole!