Have you heard? LA cabbies last week protested at LA City Hall because they are facing competition from services such as Sidecar, Lyft and Uber.

While I appreciate these working class folks are trying to make a living, there is something bigger at play than simply which car service to use. If they want to stay competitive in the digital age, cab companies must come up with a service that will foster competition – not squelch it.

Last night I attended a “community meeting” hosted by Lyft. The meeting was held in response to the cease and desist order received by the LA Department of Transportation. The meeting was attended by enthusiastic Lyft customers and drivers rallying around a new business model based on transparent and competitively priced services.

Attacks by the incumbent car services on the disruptors only demonstrate that they failed to see the bigger picture – that these new services are filling a need of consumers of in-demand, high quality, customer reviewed service.

As a business development professional, I am all about guiding legacy business into digital territory – but at the same time, they have to want it. As the all-American revolutionary Thomas Paine once said, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

So listen up incumbents – if you want to retain a new generation of riders, here’s what’s on their minds: