When Replay Games couldn’t find a VC to back their next video game, Beverly designed and managed a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $750,000 directly from the game’s target audience. While 3 out of 4 video game Kickstarter campaigns fail, she managed this high-pressure 30-day digital campaign, surpassing the client’s initial dollar goal by 50% and 10 days ahead of schedule.

Digital Strategies
Today’s business landscape is more competitive and changing faster than ever. New technologies are shattering old business models. Brands without a thoughtful strategy behind their digital footprint are left behind as their competitors move forward. From large corporations to sole proprietors, Beverly has worked with a variety of brands, to grow their business by clarifying online messaging, productizeing services and developing content.

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Digital Strategies for Film
Beverly’s experience in digital strategies for film came in the early days of the field with the award winning documentary, Body of War. Since then she has researched, developed and executed social engagement campaigns for major motion pictures, including the Oscar-nominated The Help. From pre-theatrical through various release windows and legacy phase, Beverly has developed strategic partnerships for engaging campaign initiatives.


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